Welcome & NamasteTo the world of Little Yogis

How does meditation help children?

Meditation is an intrinsic part of yoga. It helps balance the brain, enhance creativity, soothes the nervous and glandular systems, and develop inner trust in oneself.

How do children learn in a yoga class?

Kids will develop a sense of belonging and responsibility within the class structure while at the same time gaining confidence and improving their physical movement and coordination. Yoga stimulates artistic expression through the use of body, thought and emotions.

Why is teaching yoga to children so important?

In today's world, children use more electronics. The age of technology has certainly played a huge part in changing the way our children learn, and it has impacted their level of creativeness and use of imagination. This directly impedes their ability to meet necessary challenges to their growth and accomplish ideal sensory and motor development. Yoga can help children focus and redirect their energies to healthier, more productive choices. Yoga is a great way to release stored emotions, and with practice, children can counter pressures from their daily lives. Yoga allows children to transmit their energy in a positive way by using fun, kid friendly techniques that can help calm their bodies and minds. In yoga, kids learn to take turns, respect others and to be kind.

We also offer yoga for children with Autism. For more info on yoga for children with special needs. Please contact Dr. Aggie at dr.aggie@werockthespectrumnorthridge.com or you may call us at 818-341-3818.